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Our culture is to foster constant learning… embrace technology and sales coaching and training… while offering all of this value in a virtual platform.


We’re Looking For REALTORS® That Want More

We’re Looking For REALTORS® That Want More

We’re Looking For REALTORS® That Want More…

Cartier Properties, Inc. is a convergence of traditional real estate brokerage with trending and cost effective technology that will strengthen our Realtors®.

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forward thinking

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Realtor® Support

Cartier Properties, Inc. is focused on Realtor® success. Our leadership is committed to our Realtor® family that we work with everyday.

Our primary role is to assist, educate and get more transactions closed sooner. A focus on success equates to more commissions.


Forward Thinking

As Realtors®, it’s about “adapt or die”.  Our coaching and training reinforces that we must accept “disruption” at a much faster pace than ever before in our history.

As Realtors®, we should embrace technology. Use technology as a fuel, not as a fear of being replaced.

We also understand, that the “human connection” will never be replaced by technology.



Cartier Properties, Inc. is a marriage of the best technology and the best Realtors® to give buyers and sellers the finest real estate experience available.

We’ve earned the respect of California Association of REALTORS® as a forward thinking brokerage that will lead our associations into the future.


Today – Tomorrow

What's Important To You

  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Desk Fees
  • Your Own Coach at No Charge
  • Latest Technology Software for your Success
  • Virtual Platform
  • Leads Program
  • Split and Cap with Revenue Share
  • Getting Paid for your Recruiting Effort

From the compensation plan to coaching and training on new technology, Cartier Properties, Inc. gives you everything you need to be your best.

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Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values

Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values


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Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values

Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values. There is no doubt that historically low mortgage interest rates were a major impetus to housing recovery over the last several years. However, many industry experts are showing concern about the possible effect that the rising rates will have moving forward.

The Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the National Association of Realtorsare all projecting that mortgage interest rates will move upward in 2017. Increasing interest rates will definitely impact purchasers and may stifle demand.

In a recent study of industry experts, “rising mortgage interest rates, and their impact on mortgage affordability” was named by 56% as the force they think will have the most significant impact on U.S. housing in 2017. If rising rates slow demand for housing, home values will be impacted.

To this point, Pulsenomics, recently surveyed a panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market analysts, asking the question “In your opinion, at what level will the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate significantly slow home value appreciation?” The survey revealed the following:

Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values | MyKCM

Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values

Bottom Line

Most experts believe that rates would need to hit 5% or above to have an impact on home prices.


Kris and Kim Darney – REALTORS® – Grandparents – 714.657.6634

We Need Great REALTORS®

We Need Great REALTORS®


Good Stuff About Cool Things

Kris and I are usually talking marketing strategy with perspective clients or producing videos for our agents and brokers listings. But today, I have a different message and it’s to you, our fellow REALTORS®.

We’re getting comfortable in our new Upland studio. Unlike other brokerages…we’ve chosen to keep our offices intimate. We liken it to sitting in a cozy living room with friends. When our clients visit, they’re excited to see a fresh approach to real estate. Pour a glass of wine…or a beer and chat about their needs.

I thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and let you know that being part of Cartier Properties, Inc. can be life changing for your career.  If you get excited about technology, we have it. If you love to learn, our online training program is like no other. And if you like a coach to assist you, Cartier is the answer for you.

Our marketing department has been busy sending out emails to you because we need more REALTORS® and Broker Associates to handle our growth.

Let’s talk!  You can text or call us today and we can sit down.

Kim Darney; Cartier Properties, Inc.; REALTOR®; (909)985-9392

Our Premier Opening Celebration

Our afternoon started with visits from our fine cities dignitaries, Upland Mayor Ray Musser, Mayor Pro-tem Glenn Bozar and Council members Debbie Stone and Carol Timm. We celebrated by raising a glass and began passing the delicious bites.

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